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Accurately measured data: the key to product

KONTAVISOR, LUBRIVISOR and FLUOVISOR are our analysis systems for process monitoring in industrial production. On the basis of laser-induced time-integrated fluorescence spectroscopy, LIF(t), they perform measurements on surfaces and in liquids in a matter of seconds. This highly versatile analytical technique is used by

KONTAVISOR for measurement of surface cleanliness
LUBRIVISOR for measurement of oil coatings
FLUOVISOR for measurement of coatings

The standard system can be configured for the customer‘s specific task by adapting the system components. This allows, for example, very rapid and highly sensitive real-time recording of production parameters. With the technology of the VISOR series complex sampling procedures and interrupted production are history. The use of light conductors allows the technology to be adapted flexibly to local conditions. Measurement point and analysis unit can be up to 30 m apart. Because the measuring head simply positions the light conductorsat the measuring point and contains no active components, even the most sophisticated process-specific adaptations can be made cost-effectively.


  • product speeds of up to more than 800 m/min
  • measuring-head geometries from 2 mm
  • IP65
  • can be used in Ex zones
  • for aggressive media
  • media temperatures of up to 300 °C


Fitted with power modules of the proven VISOR series, this range of devices has been developed for manual measurement of coating thickness during production. Based on a fast fluorescence measurement technology, the device indicates the results on the display.

The parameters are defined individually by the user; there are up to 20 possible calibrations. Calibration is performed on the basis of at least two measured points on real process surfaces. The results are indicated in mg/m² or μm. 

KONTAMINI for assessment of surface cleanliness
LUBRIMINI for measurement of applied coatings


  • Compact portable device for 8 hours of battery-powered operation
  • Fluorescence excitation with latest-generation high-performance UV LED
  • Monitoring of fl uorescence with special high-resolution detector system
  • Results evaluated by a sensitive single-photon counting technology
  • Result displayed as index value. Can be calibrated for mg/m² or μm
  • Automatic ambient light compensation
  • Measurement time from 1 second